When using 'Play' function from the Artist Details page / playing an artist from the Artists list, sort queue by selected 'Artist's songs' sort criteria

Feature description:

When choosing to ‘Play’ an artist, like in the situations described in the title, you would expect the artist’s songs that are played to be in the order that you have chosen to sort an artist’s songs.

Problem solved:

When playing an artist, the order it plays the songs, though grouped by album, seems random. This is not expected behaviour.

Brought benefits:

You would expect it to be in the order that you choose to sort an Artist’s songs. I sort by Year and would expect when playing an Artist for the songs to be sorted in the same way as if I have selected ‘Play’ from the ‘Artist’s Songs’ page.

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Screenshots / Mockup:


Behaviour when Play selected from Artist Details page - unexpected (order undiscernable)

Behaviour when Play selected from Artist Songs list - expected (order matches Year sort criteria)

Duplicate of a few, each and every user think that this button should play in a specific order or another.

There’s no definitive answer to what that button should do and there can’t be.

To fully control what is played you need that extra click to go to the songs with the order you want and like.