When skipping to a next song, the song being skipped stutters for a bit

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When skipping to a song that is currently playing, there’s often a bug where the song that is being skipped, turns off and then turns back on for 0.2 sec or something, before the next song starts playing.

I uploaded a log.

Interestingly, I tried to screen record the issue so you can hear it, but I can’t hear the bug in the video.

Also, this issue happens both on my phone speaker and my bluetooth speaker.

Here is a video where you should be able to hear it easily: document_5951947833207690710

I wonder if it’s an issue with cache or something?

Keywords: play next, transition, skip, skipping


Upload description: Skipping songs during the log/debug process, I could hear the issue a few times

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Local device



This is a bug on some devices with their EQ libraries.

Disable Symfonium EQ and System EQ and you should no more hear that.

I still have not found a workaround as I can’t reproduce so not much I can do.

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Thank you. Indeed, it’s Symfonium 's EQ that’s messing things up. The system one doesn’t seem to affect the issue. I can tell transitions are smoother without Symfonium’s EQ.

Even turning off all effects individually but leaving “processing engine” on, the issue persists.

I can’t give you more info I think… Maybe it happens more when the song being skipped is being loaded?

As I said this is a device bug, the device EQ libraries does that not Symfonium and for the moment I have no workaround.