When / How Often do Syncs Happen?

Issue description:

I’ve been using Symfonium for many months, and it has never automatically synced my music; I always need to manually initiate a sync. I recently switched from an Airsonic server to music stored locally, using the SAF scanner. I uploaded a file to my phone over 24 hours ago, and it hasn’t showed up in the Symfonium library. It’s there as soon as I do a manual sync though.

A couple days ago I disabled “Pause app activity if unused”, per your instructions, so that’s not the problem here.

Needing to sync manually isn’t a major issue, but I get the feeling it’s not supposed to work that way.


Please forgive me, I spaced out and didn’t turn on logging before doing the sync. But I don’t know what it would tell you other than “hey, I found this new file that I’ve never seen before”.

Well you are unlucky as you use the 2 cases that does not support auto sync.

Sync runs automatically when the system can detect changes.
Airsonic is not maintained so require compatibility mode that is not compatible with that.
SAF is the stupid google decision and it also does not support that as does not expose changes in an efficient manner.

Most other cases check the provider on app start or reconnexion.

Are there any disadvantages to using “Symfonium (Media Store)” vs. SAF?

[I went ahead and tried…]

Oh yeah, there’s one HUGE disadvantage: Media Store doesn’t respect the modification time of the files when compiling “Recent albums”. So the recent list is just randomly scrambled, except for the three albums that I upload yesterday. It’d be nice if the media store source could look at file mtime. Until then I’ll stick to SAF and just manually sync.

Media store should properly handle the dates.

The big main difference is that SAF allows support of all the media that Android does not support like APE. WV, MPC, DSD, …
And support external cue files, external lyrics, …

Media store should properly handle the dates.

It very definitely does not.

I have a directory structure that I synced from my computer, with file mtimes going back to 2008. SAF correctly orders the files by mtime, but the media store provider ignores file mtimes – it appears to only care about “when was this file added to the phone”. Since I synced 25K files all on the same day, media store thinks they’re all the same age, and recent albums is basically unsorted.

Well you can use tools to automate the sync via Symfonium API.

Symfonium has an API?!

Wow, you’ve got everything! Amazing.

Well it’s based on 12 years of feedback from my other app Yatse and my personal use, so yes the app should cover most need in an optimized way :wink: And for what it does not yet do, just need to ask if it can be useful to many.