Weird rendering issue

Issue description:

With the latest beta version, I sometimes have this weird issue, especially when I turn my screen back on (don’t know if it’s related).

To “fix it” i have to close the window app (not sure if that’s understandable, but you know, when you do like an alt+tab to see all opened apps, and you swipe one out of the screen)


What happens if you rotate the screen or navigate in sub things ?

Or start / stop playback

I don’t know, I’ll try next time it shows up. I don’t really know how to force this issue.
I won’t be able to start/stop playback though, at least not with Symfonium UI, since I don’t see the buttons

There’s play buttons on the images at the top, that would do the trick at least for the ui state to trigger a stop / start change.

Ok, it happened again, but i wasn’t logging
Anyway: rotating the screen doesn’t do anything.
Pressing play just plays the album, but the rendering issue is still there.

Before pressing play:

After pressing play:

Pressing Library:

Pressing Search:

Pressing Playlists:

It’s like it renders the target component in the upper left side

+1 this happened to me too, am on v6.0.0B3
it happens when i tilt the phone horizontal and back.
i though it was because of andriod 14 beta.
killing the app and starting it again helps.

Well will push a B4 with a random test then as no idea what can cause this :frowning:

B4 is out please report back if still an issue.

B4 looks good so far.

Same here, no issue so far :+1:t3:

Still no issue. Thanks for the fix :+1:t3: