Webdav: Sync Stopped at a song and not proceeding

First of all, thank you for this amazing app.

I am connected to locally hosted webdav server and trying to sync my music library which is now stuck at 1932. My Library mostly consists of FLAC, mp3 and few dsd files. I have also turned off battery restriction so that it can run in background. I am attaching log file for further investigation.

Thanks, and regards,

Probably a similar issue to a previous one but can you send me the file

Music/_MY TOP 1OO SONGS OF ALL TIME/23. - Madonna - Like a Virgin.mp3

So I can confirm that the other fix, fixes yours too?

Sure, I am attaching the file.

Ok so same as Webdav sync: file count stuck at 639 - #11 by Max will be fixed in next release.

Thank you! Waiting for it.

Tested the latest beta and the issue is fixed! Amazing work!