Webdav sync: file count stuck at 639


I’m aware that webdav is still an experimental features but i just wanted to try it out and help iron out the kinks if any. So i came across an issue where sync seems stuck after 639 files. There was similar post by another user but unlike that other post i can’t clearly identify a connection or any other issue in the logs that can explain this.

Any idea?

Fill the template you deleted and provide the mandatory logs would be the first step :slight_smile:

It’s probably right in front of my nose but i couldn’t figure out where to find the “send attachment” button from the interface on my desktop, so i sent a mail separately from my mobile itself, referring to this case

The logs is nearly empty I need logs reproducing the issue and there’s a proper template to fill to report issue with a lot more details.

Now attached

debug-20231122_235641.zip (9.0 MB)

Seems the tag parsing block on “music/beats/Massive Attack/Protection - by mass [mass.uk.to]/Massive Attack - 07 - Eurochild.mp3” can you provide me the file so I can try to repro and fix?

Edit: And if you can also provide /music/beats/Pink Floyd - Discography (1966-1995) FLAC/Pink Floyd - Pulse [Disc 2] 1995 [EAC - FLAC] (oan)/12 - Comfortably Numb.flac it makes the log system trip and log invalid data would like to fix that too.

Here you go link removed

Perfect can repro.

BTW what WebDAV server is it? It returns invalid dates.

Good to hear

It’s nginx behind the scenes. The dates don’t look particularly unusual with pcmanfm-qt or nautilus

Something else you may also want to know: i was struggling yesterday with generating the logs. I wanted to start from scratch with debugging enabled and got to find out that it was impossible to remove the media provider, even after a restart. I had to uninstall/reinstall the app.

Yes the app goes in infinite loop due to that media during a transaction so all DB write are locked :frowning:

Found the issue will be fixed in next release.

For the dates, it’s in the WebDAV answers, but after checking they are valid, it’s your phone that have issues with understanding them, maybe Android 10 bug. Will try a possible workaround for that too.

Ah crazy how you get 'em bugs fixed so fast : )

The dates also show correctly on the phone with Cx File Explorer app (which can also play the music files)