WebDAV issue during sync

Issue description:

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The webdav server that I use in termux with rclone works correctly in Symfonium. I can access my Google Drive library in Symfonium, all of this via the cool phone, right? but the problem is not in the server it is in the File Synchronization when adding the server in Symfonium when I try to synchronize the new files or uninstall Symfonium from my cell phone I add everything ok as it is there in the screenshot I click on synchronize it does not synchronize the files from my webdav server and when it decides to synchronize the files I have 670 music files there on Google drive it is synchronizing everything well and when it reaches a certain time that this Synchronization it stops and no longer synchronizes the files it only stays at 539 files and Sync does not sync the total 600 files


debug.log (3,8,KB)

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2023-10-29 11:10:51.861 Verbose/WebDav: --> [629] OPTIONS
2023-10-29 11:10:51.869 Verbose/WebDav: <-- [629] HTTP FAILED: java.net.ConnectException: Failed to connect to /


I can’t sync from something that does not answer.