WebDAV connection to pCloud stuck at "Preparing sync"

Issue description:

After installation, I setup the connection to a pCloud account via WebDAV. Connection to the media provider is successful (navigation in the filesystem works fine). However, the app gets stuck at “Preparing sync” step indefinitely, regardless of what my following actions are (e.g. clearing tags/media info/playback cache, clearing internal states etc.).


debug-20231119_223210.zip (174.6 KB)


Additional information:

Device: Google Pixel 6 Pro, Android 14, Build UP1A.231105.003
pCloud account: Premium Plus Lifetime, Data region US

Hum that’s strange I do see media being scanned so the counter should move.

How many files do you have?

Can you eventually provide a test account so I can reproduce ?

Weird indeed. The message doesn’t change, neither does a counter appear. There are many audio files split into different sub-folders, maybe a few thousands.

I don’t think it’s possible to provide a test account on pCloud. I can share a folder via a direct link for you to access, but the service doesn’t seem to provide a guest/test account functionality.

Maybe you can try the share function in case webdav works on it yes.

I tried a free account but they disabled WebDAV on those …

I do see a strange error in the logs that may be tied to pCloud proxy closing the connection badly, but without a repro all it will take a lot more time to debug as I’ll need to send you test APKs to pin point what they do.

I just emailed you a link. Let me know if this works for your testing.

Well no does not work :frowning:

Will try to send you some test APK later today with a random attempt in it and probably some more logs.

So for the record for the other people, pcloud webDav implementation is completely broken and many other software do not support it.

If you have interest in pcloud support via it’s native API please comment here :slight_smile: