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Hi! I have the Android app but have no way to listen on PC… do you plan to release an .EXE version?
or possibly just a web version could be great.
Have you considered making the app open source? (put on GitHub etc.) it may help development (like the app Shuttle 2 Music Player)

I wonder why I put those forced template since user do not read them and blindly delete them …

This is a duplicate :wink:

About Open Source, what would that bring except more work for me and less revenue?
Did open sourcing S2 bring any dev to improve that app? No
Does most open source app have tons of external contributors? No
Does it solve anything? No
Does it bring more work to deal with the very rare broken PR and noise on Github? Yes

Open source only work in the long run when backed by money and companies.

Well first, I DID read it, and didn’t find the specific question I’m asking here in the forum (If that’s what you meant by duplicate).

Second of all, if you want people to not delete it, MENTION THAT! you can’t blame the users for this…

Third of all, I have no idea what you are talking about in regard to S2, they don’t to my knowledge, have any external contributors and backing companies and “money” as you say.

Ultimately this is your app, and you can do whatever you want, but I do suggest you read the developer of S2 motivation to go open source FROM THE BEGINNING GitHub - timusus/Shuttle: Shuttle Music Player

And maybe next time you should read what YOU wrote in the guidelines: " Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not PEOPLE".

The support template clearly state mandatory and users delete it too :wink:
Users just don’t read if there’s a template it’s to be filled it’s not just to look nice.

Duplicate of

Anyway about S2 you mix things here.

The dev build Shuttle in the open, it did not have many contributors nor made the dev enough money, so he dropped the project and made Shuttle 2 closed source and forcing users to pay again to switch, since the project also did not make him enough money he open sourced it recently in case it brought contributors, it did not.
So as I said open source did not bring that project anything at all. (Forcing user to pay again and dropping 2 apps …)

As I tried to explain the only long term Open Source project that span a long life time are project backed by companies, he is not so the app is more or less abandoned as his first one.

Now take Yatse my other project, it’s closed source and it’s still maintained after 11 years, I never forced users to pay again nor removed free features nor added ads.
There’s nearly no other app that can say the same.

So what do you prefer?
I maintain Symfonium for 11 years? Or I go open source and drop the project in 1 ou 2 years?


If you will be able to maintain it for that much time, congrats
I will nonetheless remain a supporter of your app!

My other app :wink: 11 years of monthly updates for an optional single purchase without ads.
Completely not profitable or sustainable and yet.

I can’t promise 11 years but history shows that I’m committed to my users.


I would love to see this open-sourced even if it’s a zero-support repo that just gets a sync every now and then. I am looking for a good app to be the starting point of my own music server and API. Deaftone and forking symfonium would be great. I don’t see how you dislike open source so much when some of the servers symfonium supports are open source…?

I have nothing against open source and contribute when I can.

I also try to save subsonic api Subsonic API extensions - Symfonium support instead of trying to invent another wheel like you do :wink:

And to resume you want the app to be open source to gain thousands of hours of work for your own without any willing to contribute back. What’s in there for me or my users? Nothing. Not really open source spirit here with your request and your willing to kill Subsonic :wink:

I don’t think its really reinventing the wheel. The plans for server extend past what subsonic would support such as supporting SlimProto inbuilt metadata scrapping and editing a data model to cater to all music from the beginning. My plan is create a free open source product in the same league as Roon. Sure it might take me years to get there. I might never get there but damm I’m gonna try.

I never said I wouldn’t contribute back to the app at all. Maybe my fork has an issue that also affects your users who knows. Maybe I add a feature that could also benefit your users.

My idea of open source. I guess is more to “free software” where anybody can take my code modify it disttribute it and whatever they want for it. If I had had developed a great client for something and somebody wanted to fork it and implement it for there own server I would be happy that my work allowed them to grow there project. I myself don’t care about people contributing back take my software and modify it to your hearts content and mold it into something that fits your needs that’s all im saying.

When you’ll reach my age, you’ll discover that reality wins over idealism and that feeding a family means that you can’t spend thousands of hours of works for nothing anymore.

I guess I write code for a different reason than you do. My server is just my side project and you are writing symfonium for different reasons. I still think there is an option for open source version even if it’s missing features or something. But this is your app