Wearos native app

Feature description:

Love the app very much I even bought it before the trial ended. I use it with subsonic/navidrome and it fullfilled almost all my needs after searching alot and going through alot of apps.

That said would it be possible to have a wearos native app?
It can be as simple as just having the functionality to download playlists/albums and playing those playlist no need obviously for editing/adding new playlists or other stuff that would be difficult to do on a small screen anyways.

Problem solved:

I often have my phone in my backpack while jogging/hiking or strapped to my arm when in the gym so changing playlists would mean stopping what im doing retrieving the phone then doing whatever i wanted. If there is a native app on wearos that means i can leave my phone entirely at home/in the locker as all i need would be on the watch.

Brought benefits:

Wearos smart watches are becoming more and more popular so alot of people would benefit and im sure having a wearos version would attract more users in the future too.

Other application solutions:

The obvious streaming apps like spotify, yt music etc. that support downloads.
There is an app for kodi and an app for qnap nas that also supports streaming and downloading for offline use.
None of the apps I found support subsonic api though thats why im requesting this feature.

Additional description and context:

I’m also a dev myself so I can imagine how difficult it can be but just wanted to ask anyways in case you already had plans for something like that. I can also test any beta/alpha versions in case you dont own a smartwatch with wearos.

Thanks for your work on the app


There’s mid terms plan for that but, I first need to achieve better ranking on Play Store to try to reach some kind of financial stream, Play Store is harder than even to rank and users on Android do not want to pay so retention rate is lower than other and Google think it’s bad indicator …

Second point is that the Google Wear review team is the worst and most stupid team of the universe and will be too dumb to test the app if there’s anything complex like a server configuration screen …

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I came here looking for a music app that would work with WearOS as well. I use Plex and have been happy with PlexAmp for Android Auto. But, now that I have a Pixel Watch, I am looking for a way to listen to music when I don’t have my phone on me.

Also, why would the watch app need a server configuration screen. Could it not get it’s settings from the phone app? Or, maybe produce a 3d barcode that is scanned by the phone to get it’s config?

Because in that case it’s no more a fully autonomous app but a companion app, meaning shared play store description and more annoyance globally.
But in the end I’ll probably still go that road as too complex to support everything directly from the watch.

Would really love to see this implemented and/or with deeper integration into Google Assistant? Would love to have a spotify-like app for wearOS that I can control my music on. Id be happy with a companion app rather than needing the full feature set