Waveforms not being generated/displayed

Issue description:

Waveforms for local cached files are either not displayed or being generated. Using gonic and transcoded files are opus.


Upload description: nick 7rt

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

Enabled both the extract local and server waveform options in database settings. Checked waveform progress bar is enabled in expanded now playing.

Media provider:




Please also provide logs for the offline cached file and eventually one of those file.

Extraction from transcode won’t work in that case as the duration can’t be guessed until transcode is finished.

Why do you transcode on Wifi?

Done. Opus at 128 is transparent to my ears and I don’t want a rolling cache of flac files. How do I share the transcoded file?

export them to downloads via Symfonium then https://upload.symfonium.app

Done. Thanks @Tolriq

Ok so for the local one, it’s just the order of playing things playing again the same file should work.

I’ve added a workaround for next beta.

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