WAV files got transcoded to OPUS (Chromecast)

Issue description:

I can’t cast WAV files hosted in Plex server to Chromecast device as it is. Instead, they are transcoded to Opus. The same wav files and server and Chromecast device have no problem with Plexamp (shown as PCM).

I also noticed that the wav files are transcoded to Flac if not casted but played only on my Pixel 7.


Log file is attached.

Additional information:

debug-20231017_210840.zip (102.5 KB)

Can you send me one of those files to reproduce?

Seems that I need to force something in the profile request.

I have sent via email, together with screenshots.

Thank you.

Ok thanks, seems the Chromecast profiles does not report them as supported and transcode.

Will add some more override in next release so they don’t transcode when not needed.

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“Next release” means beta or stable release? I’m on the beta channel right now.

betas goes to prod after :wink:

But yes there will be probably a beta 2 before a release.

I have just got the Beta 2, and the problem is gone.

Great job, thank you.