Volume up/down steps

The volume up/down goes per push on the button 5 steps up/down.

I wish a setting for increase/decrease only on step per push.

My network-player goes only from 0 to 30. A 5 step is nearly 20 percent volume change, this is not fine graded enough.

So, at time the volume buttons useless for me.

If only there was a template :slight_smile: Ho you saw it, then deleted it :wink:

Anyway the app is supposed to properly adapt to your UPnP configuration, please provide logs when you select the upnp device.

debug.zip (33,8 KB)

This is the log, while connecting to subsonic server, and try to change the volume over UPnp.

And another bug came up today:
If I stream a song over UPnP or chromecast, the lyrics button disappears. If I switch back to local device, the button appears again. But in the log I saw the lyrics.
I mean this button on the image:

UPnPRenderer: Volume range: 0 / 30 [true/true]

Seems your device properly advertise it’s range, will try to reproduce and fix the mapping.

For the lyrics this is not a bug, Subsonic does not provide lyrics, upnp can’t extract them. So only local device have access to them, there’s a few posts about that.

Let’s hope we can improve Subsonic API with the current effort.

Yes it seems the manufacture also does a mapping… If I turn the wheel on the device (Cambridge) there is 0-30. If I use their APP (streammagic) they mapped it to 0-100.

Hmm, for the lyrics does not makes sense, because I play on the Android device also from subsonic with lyrics. Only while changing the output device, the lyrics disappears. But in the symfonium debug log, I saw the lyrics. So they must came by, but it seems the app does not catch them. I’m wrong with that?

As I said there’s already threads about that. If the provider dos nit provide the data the local player can, not the UPnP player.

Fixed in next release, volume will properly be mapped back to 0/100 to have consistent steps on all devices.

Well thank you! that will make it usable!

About the lyric’s thread, i found some, but does not match. I didn’t cache my files, the lyrics are embedded and symfonium can display it as long as I play on the phone. While chromecast/upnp ing, the controls and even embedded images are still here, the lyrics are gone. But on the other hand it is not so importwant at all…the APP is anyway the best one!

Hi Tolriq,

on chromecast it is running and mapping fine.

On upnp the volume is flickering and jumping. Push once the volume butten (up or down), it decrease (jump) to 7. Hold the button, it goes up to 100, release then, it shows short time 30 and then stay at 100 or sometimes jumps to 26.

What about logs as usual?

Here are the logs.

debug-20230216_164919.zip (28,5 KB)

UPNP volume up:
debug-20230216_165059.zip (18,3 KB)

chromecast volume up:
debug-20230216_165424.zip (46,0 KB)

There’s not a single UPnP volume change in those logs.

UPNP volume up
debug.log (1,9 MB)

Thanks should be fixed in 4.2

Hi Tolriq,

the mapping works great!