Volume / replay gain issues

Issue description:

from discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Symfonium/comments/1aw7t9b/volume_replay_gain_issues/

I have track replay gain tags written to my entire music library which is shared with symfonium via jellyfin media server.

I’ve configured symfonium to apply track-based replay gain.

Most songs have fairly consistent volume (as I expect using replay gain) however some songs are significantly louder as if replay gain isn’t being applied to them.

I have uploaded the (sanitised) log using “share logs with support” within Symfonium.

Reviewing the log I found what appears to be relevant replaygain info:
Line 175: 2024-02-22 06:59:35.364 Verbose/ExoPlayer: VC: REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN=-4.94 dB
Line 176: 2024-02-22 06:59:35.364 Verbose/ExoPlayer: VC: REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK=0.994537
Line 187: 2024-02-22 06:59:35.416 Verbose/ReplayGainParser: Media RG: Album=0.0 / Track=-4.94 [Album]
Line 188: 2024-02-22 06:59:35.416 Verbose/ReplayGainParser: Final gain: 0.0
Line 189: 2024-02-22 06:59:35.416 Verbose/ReplayGainAudioProcessor: Volume [0.0/0.0]: 1.0

Do I understand correctly from Line 188 that “Final gain:0.0” means that replay gain is not being applied?
I forgot that as part of troubleshooting I set replay gain processing to automatic before taking the debug log. Could this be causing the result seen in the log?
Should I put the replay gain processing mode back to track, re-enable debug, recreate the issue and reupload?



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Well yes you are in auto, you play an album the album RG is applied and it’s 0.

Everything works as intented here.

Thanks for the fast response!

I should have clarified I usually select “Song Mix” or a playlist containing songs grouped by the way I feel or activity.
I rarely if ever play an album.
From the log you can see I wasn’t playing an album in this instance (the 3x songs are all from different artists and albums).

I’ll put it back to track gain and do some further testing.

With replay gain set back to “track” I captured debug logs again.

This time It appears replaygain is applied correctly:

2024-02-22 20:36:11.386 Verbose/ReplayGainParser: Media RG: Album=0.0 / Track=-9.57 [Track]
2024-02-22 20:36:11.386 Verbose/ReplayGainParser: Final gain: -9.57
2024-02-22 20:36:11.386 Verbose/ReplayGainAudioProcessor: Volume [0.0/-9.57]: 0.3322767852110756

Sorry for the inconvenience. It appears either I was mistaken, or had misconfigured replaygain settings in the 1st place.

Thanks for your dedication to this fantastic app.
Please close this support ticket.

Well I’m still interested on what you do to play something that is not album related and is detected as albums from Symfonium.
Are you sure it was not set as album at some point and you did not fully stop the playback before switching to auto?

I don’t remember how I played that song. I think I searched for a song that I remembered was playing louder than I expected. It’s possible that I chose the search result from it’s album?

I will try again making sure to select “song mix”; though it’s unlikely I will manage to randomly encounter one of the few songs that were causing volume issues so I will likely just have to try whatever it finds.
… I’ll let you know what I find out.

Ok thanks, good memory, from the search view songs are played as album from RG POV. Will fix in a future release.

I’ve done some further testing …

Replaygain = automatic
Play mode = song mix
relevant section of debug logs:

2024-02-22 20:48:39.025 Verbose/ReplayGainParser: Media RG: Album=0.0 / Track=-11.06 [Track]
2024-02-22 20:48:39.025 Verbose/ReplayGainParser: Final gain: -11.06
2024-02-22 20:48:39.026 Verbose/ReplayGainAudioProcessor: Volume [0.0/-11.06]: 0.2798981319634362

So I can confirm that track replaygain values are applied with automatic when playing from song mix.

from the search view songs are played as album from RG POV. Will fix in a future release.
That’d be great from my POV; however may bother others :man_shrugging:
Feel free to make the decision on how to treat replaygain from search results when using automatic as you think it would suit most people.

I have now set my replaygain to “track” only!

Thanks again for your help.