Volume inconsistencies across different codecs

Issue description:

Whenever going through a playlist consisting of files with different encodings (.m4a, .mp3, .flac, etc) it seems to me that some m4a files are noticeably quieter than others.


debug-20230415_091309.zip (162,1 КБ)


Additional information:

I’ve noticed it happens primarily on whenever I’m using the internal renderer of the app, switching to the system one seems to have solved the issue for me more or less :thinking:

more or less ?

You do not use replay gain so it’s just that those media are at lower sound level originally.

Well no I mean they really just sound louder when I switch from the internal decoder to the system one with Offload Mode Enabled. Just thought it was worth pointing that out

Offload mode is a special mode, it’s possible that on your device it does decide by itself to do not asked things, it’s really just a get the data and deal with it.

Yeah no I get it, I mean that problem I’ve described above only arises whenever the “Prefer internal decoder” option is on, so I suppose maybe the app itself decodes mp4a-latim files incorrectly or smth like that :thinking:

Offload mode does not work with internal decoder. Offload mode is your device dedicated coprocessor to audio that decode the audio.

If you can reproduce without offload mode. Then I’ll need you to provide everything for a repro, so the songs, the order and everything.

Sure, I might’ve not went particularly clear with it but I captured the bug with the Internal Decoder On, and only after that checked with the offload mode.

The songs that I’ve tested are as follows: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iRuDFVeVeq7bmUZka2sfEHyxuS8CEW0v/view?usp=drivesdk

You are still completely not clear …

I tested all modes and can’t hear any sound level differences here.

hmmm, odd, could’ve been a one-off thing?

I’ll switch back and observe any differences for now, maybe it’s just a glitch or a one-time bug :thinking:

Hello again

Spent some time tinkering with various settings and just listening to music in-general until I caught the following behavior

it appears to be that the volume of playback on an m4a encoded track drops significantly after a short period of switching the setting on or off

For the tests, I’ve restarted by phone with the Prefer internal decoder turned on so the volume was lower than it should be on those files the moments I opened the app.

Further tinkering revealed that this does not affect mp3s nor flacs.

Here are the logs I’ve been collecting since the last message in this thread: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_LZILwRQ1k_lkD2iz7KGYwVKANuYJTmR/view?usp=drivesdk (the forum does not let me upload it directly for some reason)
Also sorry for any confusion that might’ve happened here before :sweat_smile:

Well yes changing settings during playback can have side effects. Some even require a proper app kill to be sure the OS does not bug.

Oh, didn’t know that, thanks. Seems that killing the app did help, so thx for the suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

i’ll let you know if smth like that ever happens again then