Version 9.1.0 Beta 2

Version 9.1.0


  • Please do not forget to leave an up to date textual review on Play Store. Your feedback plays a crucial role in building the app’s ranking, ensuring a future for Symfonium.


  • Added support for smart playlists in smart playlists.
  • Added played percentage filter to smart filters.
  • Added new center text option to home overview grid styles.
  • Added grid style option to “More from artist” in album page configuration.
  • Playback speed now allows more precise values.
  • Added new setting for Replay Gain normalisation. (Normalise the LUFS target for Opus and other files to the same target)
  • Added Turkish translation. (Thanks Orhan)
  • Enabled support for external image art for albums for Cloud providers and SMB/WebDAV (folder.jpg, album.jpg, cover.jpg, …) (May need to clear tag cache and sync again)
  • Enabled export to Downloads folder for playlists.
  • Added new option to hide the now playing queue button in some expanded player styles. (Remember that you can always swipe up to show it in all styles)
  • Added web search action to song / now playing bottom sheets.
  • You can now disable renderer sort in cast bottom sheet. Renderers are then added is discovery order to avoid missclicks.
  • Added a new advanced function to export songs user data like ratings, playcounts, … to a json file.


  • Prevent clicks on drag handle in now playing queue to reduce wrong actions.
  • Prevent clicks in playlists when in edit mode to prevent unwanted play action.
  • Source media provider is now shown in album / artist page when enabled.
  • Google drive provider now support shortcuts to folder as music folders.
  • Playback state is now always saved, the option is removed.
  • Multiple media queues is now always enabled, the option is removed and end of current queue unload it. (You can remove the queues shortcut in home settings, and can still reload last queue easily).
  • Above changes allows to vastly simplify play count and resume point handling. - Please report any new issues about them.
  • Update Compose material 3 to a new version that will allow expanded themes in the future. Please report any color oddities or other interfaces bugs.


  • Try to sanitize special ICY data from some radios. (Contact me with logs if there’s other radios special cases)
  • Fix some edge cases where track replay gain was applied instead of album one when using auto mode.
  • Fix possible race condition leading to wrong track played with playback cache.
  • Ensure media queues are properly saved before loading new ones.
  • Fix provider backups missing some of the new fields.
  • Fix possible position detection issue in UPnP with gapless and repeat mode.
  • Fix custom headers not always sent for images.
  • Fix some smart filters negative filters not working with possibly null fields.
  • Fix some offline actions like rating update sometimes lost and not pushed to server.
  • Fix some cloud providers being shown as offline in China.
  • Fix some cases of missing images with Emby 4.8 newly scanned albums.