Version 8.0.0 Beta 1

Version 8.0.0


  • Please do not forget to leave an up to date textual review on Play Store. Your feedback plays a crucial role in building the app’s ranking, ensuring a future for Symfonium.


  • Added tons of configurations for the home page, giving you full control on everything and then more. (Unfortunately this means that your current configuration have to be done again, but everything can be set as before if wanted)
  • You can now add playlists as custom home sections.
  • Added new navigation settings to skip genre or artist detail pages directly to related artists, albums or songs list.
  • Added many new settings for the Album, Artist, Genre and Library pages.
  • Added new setting for now playing overlay icons visibility. (You need to reconfigure again if you used the extra transparency option)
  • Artist view can now group albums by release type and have “Appears on” section. (On by default, not all providers expose this data)
  • Add Favorite Internet radio entry to Android Auto favorite tabs.
  • You can now select and reorder library and favorite rows in Android Auto.
  • Added new API endpoint to trigger automatic provider playlist import.
  • Added new setting to proxy via Symfonium, allowing to workaround connectivity or certificate issues. (Configurable per renderer)
  • Added sort by original release date for albums (Your provider must support it)


  • Complete new settings organisation. Most settings have moved but everything should be easier and more logical to find.
  • A few interface settings for the home page and other pages have new default values but you can configure everything to be as before. (Remember that you can export/import your settings to easily test all the new features!)
  • Grid column count in media lists is now configured independently in portrait and landscape mode.
  • When enabling the option Bluetooth or Headphone autoplay, Symfonium now automatically stop casting if necessary to ensure the audio resume on the local device.
  • Improved support for album release type sync for Plex. Enable Full sync option on Plex provider and sync again to enable the new album release type grouping feature.
  • The settings: Volume steps, UPnP Gapless, UPnP alternative flags are now set per renderer! You will need to reconfigure them on chosen providers!


  • Fixed some cases where wrong songs were started from a mixed list of connected and not connected providers.
  • Try to extract bitrate from IcyData for Internet radio and do not cache media info for Internet radio.
  • Add workaround to support genre filtering per libraries for Subsonic servers. (You need to sync again)
  • Fix again possible missing play count increase with repeat modes.
  • Added a workaround for some Subsonic providers not supporting track playcount to keep Symfonium data.
  • Pressing play on an artist without any songs will play it’s albums.
  • Fix some overlay positions when bottom navigation is hidden.