Version 7.1.0 beta 1

Version 7.1.0

  • Notes:
    Happy holidays if you have some and happy new year when it will be time :slight_smile: Let’s be ready for a new year full of new features. Thanks for the support.

  • Added:
    WebDAV and Samba providers now also support multiple folders as different libraries for easier filtering.
    Added new option to switch thumbnail and buttons position in expanded now playing landscape view.
    M3u/pls playlists can now be imported as read only to allow automatic update on provider sync or offer a sync button for manual update. (Requires that you import the playlists again)
    Add reset playback history option for providers who support this in songs 3 dots menu.
    Added Slovenian translations (Thanks Blaž)
    Enabled support for cue files and external lrc files to SMB, WebDAV, OneDrive, DropBox and Box providers. (You need to clear tag cache then sync again)
    Added new providers icons as possible selection for home page icon.

  • Changed:
    Compose finally fixed a major bug allowing me to update again. Should fix some memory leaks and bring huge performance gains but can bring new issues so please report any issues with details.
    When importing an m3u/pls playlist, Symfonium auto generate a thumbnail by default. (You can still remove it)
    When clicking a song in the global song list and default song action is “Play”, automatically queue a part of the remaining songs.
    In Android Auto album clicks now shows the song list and a shuffle button.
    Updated custom tag parser to better handle MB Picard tags with both artist and artists tags. (You need to clear tag cache and sync again)
    Custom tag parser now ignore MB ids if the number of MB ids does not match the number of artists instead of using the first one. (You need to clear tag cache and sync again)

  • Fixed:
    Properly leave the playlist view when removing the active one.
    Fix rediscover songs row missing images.
    Fix some cases where transcoding values where applied as kib and not kb. (Note: This might invalidate your playback cache).
    Fix some cases where High image quality setting was not fully applied and add support for future HDR covers in Android 13+. (You need to clear image cache to update the images)

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