Version 6.1.0 beta 1

Version 6.1.0

  • Notes:
    Please do not forget to leave a textual review on Play Store. Your feedback plays a crucial role in determining the app’s ranking, ensuring a brighter future for the application.

  • Added:
    Add high quality resampler to internal decoder to allow playing unsupported samplerates without transcoding.
    First sync status is now shown in home page for better visibility.
    You can now export songs from offline cache to Downloads folder.
    Refactored media format cache to ensure less unneeded network access and faster response. Please contact me if invalid data is displayed.
    Add support for language tags in Symfonium tag parser (Local device, SMB, WebDAV). Supported for albums / songs with new library list and smart filter support. (You need to clear tag cache then sync again)
    Add new option permanent audio focus loss, to prevent automatic playback restart then audio focus is gained back.
    You can now also set Album thumbnails (Locally, not pushed back to files or provider).

  • Changed:
    Refactor the first run wizard to simplify configuration for local music player only usage.
    Songs in search view display the album name.
    The album sort order Display artist, Year now support all ascending / descending order per field. (Press multiple times)
    Try to better handle multiple offline playcount updates for all providers.

  • Fixed:
    Fix possible missing Add provider button in landscape.
    Fix rare crash in song detail bottomsheet.

So changed a little the welcome screen and the dumb Google tester can’t test the app anymore :slight_smile:

This may take some time before they understand the screen changes so beta will probably take sometimes before reaching Beta track.