Version 5.8.0 beta 1

Version 5.8.0

  • Notes:
    Symfonium is 100% user driven, if you lack some features or have issues, just contact me on the forum.

  • Added:
    Added many new settings for the lyrics view, press the configure button in that screen. (Note: You need to reconfigure your previous font size)
    Added new circular queue navigation option. Previous on first track goes to last, and next on last goes to first.
    Added the long awaited multi-select in most vertical grid/lists. Started by either clicking the multi select button or long pressing on items.
    - The feature supports drag multi select.
    - This replace the drag and drop function in those screens, but this is the same amount of actions or less in all cases.
    Added Random songs and Rediscover songs as possible home page overview rows.
    Added Recent albums as possible home page overview row. (Your provider must support full date as release date for this to work properly).
    When importing playlists, Symfonium will automatically convert hashtags in the playlist name to tags.
    Added a new setting to control showing the track number in media session. (Split from the previous Show track number)

  • Changed:
    Enabled Google Firebase Crashlytics / Analytics in production release as Play Console does not allow me to track down the last Compose crashes.
    - Remember that your privacy is important and you can opt out of everything in the settings.
    - But please contact me when you have issues and crashes so I can fix them.
    Migrated to FFMpeg 6.0. If you have some media no more playing, as always please contact me with details.
    Renamed the Recent XXX overview rows to Recently added XXX to better reflect their content.

  • Fixed:
    Fix play all and song click in playlist view when text filter is applied.
    Fix possible repetitive playlist syncs for providers who do not expose a modified date for playlists.