Version 5.7.0 beta 1

Version 5.7.0

  • Added:
    Android Auto now have a resume songs list if you have enabled the corresponding row in the main app overview rows.
    Symfonium should properly import shared playlist on Plex.
    Added new setting to auto expand player when starting playback.
    You can now change songs user rating from most bottomsheets (Including offline and not only the currently playing one).
    Filter button is added to playlist content and playlist import dialog.
    Added the long awaited radio mixes. If your provider support similar artist API (Plex/Emby/Jellyfin/Subsonic) and is connected, it will start a personal mix based on similar artists.

  • Changed:
    Updated a few remaining icons to the new design.
    Removed the “Disable Compose velocity fix” option. If you enabled it without contacting me, I guess now is the time.
    Player progress bars now shows the buffered position too when possible.
    Mixes now only use at most 300 000 songs as input to avoid issues on really large libraries.
    Vastly improved personal mixes generation time on large libraries.
    Favorite playlists overview row header now open a dedicated favorites playlists page.
    Modified ExoPlayer to apply Replay Gain at proper timing and prevent playing music at wrong volume for a small delay.

    • If you enabled the Enhanced Replay Gain processor option, please try to disable it and report back any issues.
    • The option is still needed to apply replay gain to Chromecast but will be renamed / tweaked in a future release.
  • Fixed:
    Added support for some kind of invalid ogg files that can still be played.

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