Version 5.4.0 released

Version 5.4.0

  • Notes:
    Please remember that crashes, issues, and feature requests cannot be addressed or resolved through Play Store comments.

  • Added:
    Added the highly requested “Online First” playlist type for imported playlists. Those playlists are automatically refreshed from the server when needed, and edits are instantly pushed. In this mode, the playlist cannot be edited when offline! Note: You need to import your playlists again to change the mode.
    Added a new Favorites tab to Android Auto for quick access to favorite albums, artists, and songs.
    Added FFmpeg tag extractor fallback for the local provider. If you still have some media not recognized by Symfonium as usual, please contact me with details.
    Added new experimental option to leverage transcoding engine for replay gain. Fix the small delay that can sometimes occur between tracks and enable replay gain when casting to Chromecast!
    Added menu entries to remove cached images of albums, artists, and songs, and force a refresh from the provider after app restart.
    Added support for .AU files.

  • Changed:
    Try other seek modes in UPnP, even if not advertised by the devices, to workaround some bugged devices.
    Updated UPnP seek code to increase compatibility with more broken devices.
    When using file mode, properly filter known non-playable files.
    Read-only playlists are now automatically synced more frequently when needed, not only during provider syncs.
    To support more use cases, FFmpeg is now compiled with HTTPS support. This slightly increases the app size but opens the doors to many new features.
    Transcoding engine is promoted to beta status.
    Plex offline cache is now done in opus to workaround some bugs with Plex mp3 encoder.

  • Fixed:
    Fixed invalid renderer status after app restart and the option “Remember last renderer” is enabled.
    Fixed a possible deadlock of the local provider tag extraction due to permission issues.
    Fixed a rare issue where data could be lost if a sync was started at a specific timing during network loss.
    Fixed possible download issues with Emby/Jellyfin when transcoding to 256 or 320Kbps.
    Ignore invalid lyrics tags that could override valid ones.
    Fix volume handling when casting and not inside the app sometimes in the wrong state.