Version 5.3.0 beta 2

Version 5.3.0

  • Notes:
    Symfonium translations are crowd-sourced. You can contribute from the Translations button in the settings. [Wiki] Help translating Symfonium

  • Added:
    Add new Volume step size option. (For casting and now playing buttons)
    Added Hungarian translation. (Thanks Zsigus)
    Added a new Solarized color scheme. (Thanks Snaptags) (Remember that you can create your own custom themes, and share them on the forums).
    Added a simple Bass boost DSP to the Equalizer - DSP for those who do not want to fine tune the individual EQ bands. (Requires that your device support it)
    Added a binaural/transaural virtualizer DSP to the Equalizer - DSP. (Requires that your device support it)
    Added year as a possible additional information row in now playing.
    Enabled offline rating support. (Rate the songs when offline, rating pushed later to the server when connection is back)
    Added optional pin code protection to settings. Prevent unwanted modifications from children for example.

  • Changed:
    Refactor media codec, bitrate, … extraction to always use FFmpeg for consistency and better results on all devices.
    Playcount is now also increased when repeating the same song via repeat modes.
    Start next queued media preparation in advance for non gapless renderers like Chromecast. (Faster Track transition)
    Support more non standard tags for lyrics.
    Volume Boost is now in standard Equalizer-DSP settings to allow per profile configuration. (!You need to reconfigure it again!)
    Refactor some internal to improve global provider image / media cache. Please report any issue with those.
    Updated an internal major library around navigation. Please report any issue.

  • Fixed:
    Fix internal proxy when source server use chunked encoding.
    Added workaround for Jellyfin last versions transcoding bugs. (No more opus for now, will use vorbis with another workaround for the lack of handling sample rates correctly)
    Fix plex transcoding request to more reliably use opus.
    Fix Emby/Jellyfin dashboard sometimes not showing that Symfonium is transcoding even if it is.
    Added some fixes to ExoPlayer to recover from invalid frames and some cache issues.
    Fix possible race when loading media queues, leading to lost queue content.
    Reduce memory usage for custom tag parser and very large libraries during scan.
    Greatly improve custom tag parser speed on very large libraries.
    Fix parsing of some CUE files.
    Fix smart filters sub group rules edit not always saved.