Version 4.3.0 beta 2

Version 4.3.0

  • Notes:
    Remember that Symfonium is 100% user driven, do not forget to make feature requests on the forum if there’s something missing for you. (Do not use Play Store comments for that)

  • Added:
    Add support for Android application shortcuts.
    Add menu to easily create pinned application shortcuts for playlists.
    Add new option to allow ignoring server side transcoding settings for Subsonic servers.
    Add genre to albums browsing to Android Auto.
    Add support for incomplete MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH queries (Like Pano Scrobbler search feature)
    Add new Plex provider setting: Favorites as Plex ratings to automatically convert Symfonium favorites to Plex 5 stars.
    Add only favorite filter to search page.
    Add advanced settings button to clear playback cache in case of corruption.
    Add some automatic transcoding for some unsupported media types for compatible Subsonic servers. (As always contact me, if more exotic file formats or not compatible server)

  • Changed:
    Symfonium now respect by default forced transcoding settings on Subsonic server side.
    Technical: Media session now expose the art as METADATA_KEY_ALBUM_ART as some external tools do not properly support the generic METADATA_KEY_ART.
    Improve offline play counts sync with Navidrome.
    Improve automatic playlist sync for the providers exposing a last changed value allowing to skip syncing unchanged playlists.
    Attempt to fix now playing layout on strange ratio screen or very large fonts. Please report any issue or side effect for your devices.

  • Fixed:
    Smart playlists should be visible when available offline filter is enabled.
    Support more invalid values possibly returned by some Subsonic servers.
    Fix sometimes missing playcount increase when queuing multiple time the same song.
    Fix missing volume control bar in landscape when the option is enabled.
    Add more security around playback cache corruption.

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