Version 4.2.0 beta 3

Version 4.2.0

  • Notes:
    Remember that Symfonium is 100% user driven, do not forget to make feature requests on the forum if there’s something missing for you. (Do not use Play Store comments for that)

  • Added:
    Add beta support for Android 13 output switch from notification to Chromecast (Please report issues).
    Add beta support for multiple now playing queues. (Require enabling in Playback settings, you can add a queue shortcut to home page)
    Add new beta option Bluetooth lyrics. Shows synchronized lyrics on remote Bluetooth devices.
    Added Japanese translation (WIP).
    Added Traditional Chinese translation (WIP).
    Add new sort content option to song playlist.
    Add new song smart filters: Album is favorite, artist is favorite, Is a single and album release type.
    Add swipe left / right on now playing queue entries, to quickly remove or move to next position.
    Add swipe to dismiss to quickly remove tracks from playlist when in reordering mode.
    Added new option Wifi only images, to prevent downloading images when not connected to Wifi.

  • Changed:
    Use Subsonic bookmarks API when available to properly save / import the resume points.
    Try to improve Google assistant voice command handling. Please report issues with details.

  • Fixed:
    Really fix UPnP volume mapping for device that do not have a 0-100 volume range.
    Fix possible widget refresh issues.
    Fix playback migration between Chromecast devices.
    Fix some possible custom tag parser issues with multiple artists and mb ids mismatch.
    Fix possible color issues in lyrics view with blur background.
    Fix Ascii sort option not properly applied to smart playlists.

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