Version 4.1.0 beta 1

Version 4.1.0

  • Notes:
    Remember that Symfonium is 100% user driven, do not forget to make feature requests on the forum if there’s something missing for you. (Do not use Play Store comments for that)

  • Added:
    For the providers that expose the data, you can show codec, bitrate and/or quality as song additional information in lists.
    Add codec, bitrate, sample rate, bits per sample and channel count as possible smart filters fields. (Not all providers provide all the data during sync)
    Add new option for Subsonic servers to force transcoding to mp3.
    Add support for Forward 10/30, Replay 10/30 as possible compact now playing bar buttons.
    Add new option to use a round progress bar in the compact now playing (On by default).
    Add new different styles for the compact player.
    Add new options to control expanded player background and buttons colors, including solid color and blur on Android 12+.
    Local device custom tag parser now support CUE files in SAF mode (Requires clearing tag cache).

  • Changed:
    Lyrics view now allows empty line to better indicate pauses when present in the tags.
    Increased some timeouts and retries for local playback to better support very slow servers.
    Added some internal optimisations for Navidrome Subsonic server.
    Add a way to give Image permission on Android 13 to allow local device parser to scan for folder.jpg and similar files in media store mode.
    Make local provider album external image search configurable.

  • Fixed:
    Support more embedded artwork for local device custom tag parser.
    Fix Subsonic Fetch additional metadata option sometimes removing valid data.
    Fix some smart filters not working operators.
    Fix external thumbnail images not being used with custom tag parser for local device.
    Fix large playlist push to Emby/Jellyfin.
    Fix custom tag parser image handling for wav/aif files.

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