Version 3.2.0 beta 2

Version 3.2.0

  • Notes:
    Just a small reminder that translations are crowd-sourced, you can contribute from the settings. ([Wiki] Help translating Symfonium)

  • Added:
    Sorts are now saved by sub category. (You can have a different sort for the global album view and for the artist album view for example)
    Added a new Shortcut widget (Currently supported: Song mix, Album mix, and configurable playlist)
    Added Song BPM, Comment and Album type smart filters. (Only Kodi for all and Plex in full sync mode for album type)
    Backups can now backup and restore your media providers. (Still more to come)
    Add a restore from backup button in first run screen.
    Add option to remove read only protection from imported playlist.

  • Changed:
    Symfonium can now cast UPnP to loopback to reach other local applications even without Wifi.
    Switched to Plex v2 API to fix some issues for servers with disabled remote access. By side effect this fixes fallback to main account when a managed account have access to no libraries.

  • Fixed:
    Fix some issues with Nextcloud connection.
    Fix possible Emby transcoding issues with high sample rate files.
    Fix possible too frequent sync with Emby when having duplicated content.
    Finally found and workaround the Compose bug on some devices with now playing and back press to collapse. (Thanks Jun)
    Enable fast sync mode for LMS - Lightweight Music Server (Subsonic compatible server)
    Fix download manager not stopping when nearly out of free space.
    Fix Android Auto active queue sometimes not showing the last item.