Version 11.0.0 Beta 5

Version 11.0.0


  • Please do not forget to leave an up to date textual review on Play Store. Your feedback plays a crucial role in building the app’s ranking, ensuring a future for Symfonium.


  • Enabled the internals for a future feature. No need to ask it’s a secret :slight_smile:
  • Added new option to extract waveform data from local files (or offline cached) (On by default)
  • Added new option to extract waveform data from media providers and cloud servers (Off by default)
  • Added new option to display the song waveform as the progress bar when data is available (Different styles, enabled with Sharp by default)
  • Add new setting to configure default click action in album playlists.
  • Added BPM as possible additional song information and now playing additional information row.
  • Added BPM as song smart filter.
  • Add option to restart the player on output change (BT,…) to workaround some devices issues with EQ needing a full reset.
  • Symfonium user ratings now support half stars.
  • Added new advanced settings to consider metered Wifi connection as mobile ones. (On by default!)
  • Added support for more rating tags variations in different tag formats.
  • Added Clear remaining queue to 3 dots menu for now playing queue.
  • Added quick jump to now playing song genres from 3 dots bottomsheet.
  • Added new options to continuous playback, to allow auto queuing albums if you were playing albums, and/or to restart playlists if you were playing a playlist.
  • Added new automatic Light / Black mode theme settings.
  • Home page settings now have live previews to help build your perfect configuration.
  • Added new setting to hide status bar in Symfonium for Android 11+.
  • Added new setting to configure most rounded corners (Disabled, small, medium, large). When disabled the images will be square.
  • Added new home icon settings (Large icon, custom icon from your images, custom icon as banner).
  • Added more precise values for EQ block size advanced setting.
  • Added -/+ buttons to lyrics view to temporarily tweak delays. (They are not saved, fix the metadata)
  • Added setting to configure the artist page play button action. (Now play albums in the configured order by default)
  • Added album smart filter In playlist to build an album playlist from a song playlist.


  • Many many major libraries updates and changes, as usual if you have any issue contact me with details.
  • Improved Cloud server sync error detection to avoid data loss. ! If you now can’t sync due to errors please contact me with logs and details !
  • No more pause when casting and disconnecting headsets.
  • Album search and filtering now also search in disc subtitles.
  • Songs without covers will now display album forced local covers.
  • Metered Wifi connections are now considered mobile by default (See Added section)
  • Playlist sort content now respect the ascii sort option + enabled sort by display album artist.
  • Now allow connection to WebDav servers with invalid HTTPS certificates.
  • Complete rewrite of the inset handling (Avoid black bars behind camera cutout in landscape, …)
  • The app is now compiled for Android 15. The main change is that on Android 15 devices syncs (Provider and Offline cache) are now limited to 6 hours per day unless you start the app in foreground. If you often download a lot of songs for more than this duration please contact me on the forum.
  • Improved local device sync performance when having many folders.
  • Some design tweaks.


  • Fix multi select action hidden by compact player in playlist list.
  • SMB playback works even with non standard network configuration on the phone.
  • Fix Jellyfin lyrics sometimes wrongly seen as synced when they are not.
  • Fix some playlist import issues with pCloud provider.
  • Fix local provider sometimes not finding external covers.
  • Restarting a paused Internet radio, will restart the stream to ensure fresh data if paused too long.
  • Fix album smart playlist sort by release date.
  • Fix Lyrics buttons sometimes not visible for embedded lyrics.
  • Fix Lyrics sometimes too much in advance for some providers.
  • Fix possible connection server to some SMB2 servers.
  • Fix replay gain sometimes not applied.