Version 10.1.5 released

Version 10.1.5


  • Please do not forget to leave an up to date textual review on Play Store. Your feedback plays a crucial role in building the app’s ranking, ensuring a future for Symfonium.


  • Symfonium no more prioritize internal lyrics over external or server provided ones.
  • Symfonium will now force restart the EQ if enabled on output device change to try to workaround some phone bugs. Please report any unwanted side effects.


  • Fix lyrics support for Jellyfin 10.9 and their last minute endpoint change.
  • Embedded lyrics should now also be visible when casting to UPnP devices.
  • Fix Local device stable date added not working in some cases.
  • Fix SMB tag parsing for some servers with low max chunk sizes.
  • Fix exporting from offline to Downloads folder of Albums and Artists.
  • Fix broken long press sensitivity during scrolling.
  • Properly cleanup more word positions in lyrics.
  • Fix external cover image search ignoring png files.
  • Fix Compose bug possible causing ANRs.
  • Fix obscure rare crashes.