Version 10.1.0 released

Version 10.1.0


  • Please do not forget to leave an up to date textual review on Play Store. Your feedback plays a crucial role in building the app’s ranking, ensuring a future for Symfonium.


  • Added pCloud support as a provider now that they finally agreed to allow me to use their API.
  • Added stable date added option to Local device provider. (Prevent update of the date added of media when they are edited)
  • Added sort content by year to playlists.
  • Added new setting to control the preferred language for Last.FM artist biography scrapping.
  • Added backup and restore of Internet radios to the backup manager.
  • Added backup and restore of Playlists to the backup manager.
  • You can now click artist album group headers to directly access filtered lists for quick actions.
  • Added export and import smart playlists to files.
  • Added offline status to smart filters.
  • Added support for channelCount, samplingRate and bitDepth new OpenSubsonic fields.
  • Added new option to sort home favorites by date of favoriting instead of last played. (Except for Subsonic providers, this will only work for favorites created after this update)
  • Added support for Rewind and Fast forward external commands (Car, Headsets, …)
  • Added per channel pre amp configuration to DSP to allow left/right balance. (Note: If you used single channel preAmp before you need to reconfigure the values!)
  • Added support for Description tag to Symfonium tag parser (Will be used as Album description)


  • Tweaked a few design details.
  • Manually removing the notification on Android 9 and 10 now stop current queue.
  • Moved Manage Symfonium generated files to main settings page and add a copy to Download folder button.
  • Starting a radio mix or instant mix from now playing media will no more restart the current media but only change the rest of the queue.
  • Playlist list now support long press multi select for easy deletion or favorite handling of multiple playlists.


  • Fix a couple of color issues with expanded now playing and some combination of settings.
  • Fix Ignore sort articles setting not applied to artists for Symfonium custom parser.
  • Fix album split configuration not accessible for cloud providers.
  • Added workaround for some invalid replay gain values.
  • Fix possible wrong song played when shuffle mode is not reset.
  • Fix sometimes broken shuffle button leading to badly shuffled songs.
  • Try to use more unique Android Auto internal image urls to avoid Android Auto cache issue displaying the wrong images.
  • Fix possible issues with Tag parser for SMB provider for some less valid media.
  • Better handling of the song list page when sorting by random.
  • Ignore ICY data sent by servers when not streaming Internet radios.
  • Fix transcoding support from OneDrive.
  • Fix Keep screen on setting behavior when configured to While showing lyrics.
  • Improve possible notification blinking on Android 9 and 10.