Version 10.0.0 Beta 2

Version 10.0.0


  • If you are a graphic designer or can help building some new custom themes, please join the forum.


  • Complete rewrite of the theming engine with a lot more control over everything:
    • Custom M3 seed color, palette type and contrasts.
    • New powerful custom themes with more colors and integrated editor.
    • New option for full app color change based on now playing cover art.
    • Better and more control over library dynamic color option (You need to reconfigure it).
    • Update of many interface details to ensure consistency.
    • Please report any oddities and do not hesitate to share your new custom themes on the forum.
  • Added support for more Foobar2000 exotic tags to Symfonium parser. Clear tag cache and rescan to get the new tags.
  • Added support for disc subtitles to OpenSubsonic and Symfonium custom tag parser (Clear tag cache and sync again).
  • Added new option, to all providers, to expose played media as advertisement to scrobbler so compatible apps can ignore them.
  • Added new multiline song titles option to album page configuration.
  • Added new option to always expose now playing queue to media session.
  • Added support for custom ports to SMB provider.
  • Artists, Genres and MBIDs tag value separators are now fully configurable per provider using Symfonium tag parser.
  • Added new option to only update last played value when a media is marked a played without the need to disable resume points.
  • Added missing sort by display artist on song lists.


  • Previous custom themes are no more compatible, you need to rebuild one see forum. (Sorry for the inconvenience, but many new colors can’t be invented)
  • Previously configured theme may have been reseted and may require a new configuration.
  • Clicking on a search result without pressing search will add the search to the saved list.
  • Enabled support of “formPost” OpenSubsonic extension for playlist handling. Please report issues if your server have issues pushing playlists.
  • Refactored BT automatic playback to avoid auto start for the kill app is better believers. You need to disable then enable the option if you use this to start playback even when app is killed.
  • Added support for radio with pls urls with parameters.
  • Increased timeouts for cloud providers tag extraction.


  • Fix wrong position indication when seeking during transcoding for some providers.
  • Fix song click in “Recently added songs” home row not working.
  • Fix bottomsheets possibly displayed under the navigation bar on Android 9 and 10.
  • Improve plex transcoding profile to not transcode some webm files.
  • Fix last song of a queue not always having it’s playcount updated.
  • Fix album split by folder not always working for Cloud providers.
  • Optimize auto offline cache of large playlists taking too much resources sometimes.
  • Fix Subsonic artist genre generation query crashing with some database content.
  • Fix external lyrics sometimes not visible when media is present in playback - cache.
  • Fix rolling cache purge not always starting when it should.
  • Fix Emby collection support. (Named tags in Symfonium).
  • Fix possible artist issues when mixing artists with and without MBIDs.
  • Workaround possible Jellyfin issues when seeking during transcoding.
  • Fix media possibly playing at wrong position in a queue after a queue restoration.
  • Fix tag scanning of some large files for cloud providers.
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