Version 1.7.0 beta 1/2

Version 1.7.0

  • Added:
    Add new option to scrape artist metadata online for the local device media provider. (Require a sync after update)
    Add new option to keep shuffle and repeat mode state between plays and app restart.
    Add a public API to control Symfonium from other apps. (Start playback, change renderer, force sync, playback control, …) (See Wiki for documentation)
    Added direct smart playlist creation buttons to simplify discovery.
    You can now reorder the settings button position.
    Apply song genres to artists for Subsonic to improve library browsing.
    Support drag and drop from the search tab.
    Add new option to prefer original version from server on Wifi when possible.
    Add new configurable 5 stars songs as overview row.

  • Fixed:
    Support clickable links in bio / descriptions.
    Fix Plex song rating sometimes sending wrong values.
    Reduce state reporting to media providers frequency and fix Jellyfin reports.
    Properly use the song smart filter duration as seconds as the hint suggest.
    Fix Plex home user selection when using plex Web auth.
    Emby/Jellyfin collections are properly shown as tags.
    Fixed some text clipping with long translations. (Please report them so I can find them).
    Refactor some internals to reduce possible spam of Media Session updates causing issues with other apps.

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