Version 1.6.0 beta 1

Version 1.6.0

  • Added:
    Add option to hide Symfonium logo from the widget.
    Add support for Android media store (Local device) playlist import.
    Lyrics timestamps can now also be displayed at the end of the lines.
    Add support for albums Original release date. (For providers who support it)
    Add support for audiobook chapters when returned by Plex / Emby and Jellyfin.
    Add new option for Local device and Kodi to prefer song art instead of Album art.

  • Fixed:
    Some fixes to better support Gonic (Subsonic) servers. Be sure to update your Gonic servers to the latest snapshot version. (GitHub - sentriz/gonic: music streaming server / subsonic server API implementation)
    Workaround some Android Auto changes to properly pause when disconnecting.