Version 1.3.0 beta1 / beta2 released

Version 1.3.0 beta 1

  • Added:
    Preliminary support for Funkwhale as Subsonic server.
    Drag and drop support from details view top images.
    Added more possible grid columns for tablet users.
    Added new settings menu to restore default values.
    Update Keep screen on option to support Off/Always/When playing.
    Added new setting to lock screen orientation.
    Add new compatibility mode for Subsonic allowing usage of Airsonic. (Sync will be very slow, do not use on large libraries, and sync will not be automatic)

  • Changed:
    Small UI tweaks.
    Now playing favorite is now always visible for faster access in all styles.
    Updated Subsonic internals to hopefully support more servers for favorite sync status.
    New playback speed selection interface for more fined grained control.
    Properly apply size limits to the bottoms sheets in landscape.

  • Fixed:
    Added some Compose fixes.
    Fix possible rare crash.
    Fix Symfonium trying to auto sync with Emby when there’s actually no change to sync.
    Sometimes reporting wrong data to Emby servers during playback.
    Fix not always detecting that a transcode profile is not seekable and require a restart at position during seek.