Version 1.10.0 beta 2

Version 1.10.0

  • Notes:
    If you know someone (or are) with the necessary skills to rework the current app icon, please contact me. It’s time to fix this little thing :slight_smile:

  • Added:
    B2: Added new option (beta) to cache and pre cache playback queue for improved playback on low quality network (Off by default for now).
    Now playing media info displays bit per sample for high quality media on Android 12+.
    Add button to duplicate Smart playlists to easily build variations of them.
    Allow adding media to playlist from another playlist.
    Add new option to remap next/previous headset commands for devices that does not send the individual events.

  • Changed:
    Major internal refactoring to prepare future state saving. Please report any issue with now playing queue status or gapless playback.
    Personal & instant mixes are now fixed size and no more infinite to support future state saving. (Size is configurable in settings. Those mixes are smart, if you restart them it will ensure new content!)
    Playlist resuming now retain how it was last started to also restore the shuffle order when started via the shuffle button.
    Favorite button is now always visible in notifications whatever Android version.

  • Fixed:
    Show loading status and sort playlists by name when importing from media center.
    Allow configuring media providers with 1 character login.
    Fix some playlist sync issues with some subsonic servers and add workaround for Funkwhale issues.
    Fix some filtering issues when using multiple providers and library filtering.