Version 0.9.9 released

Version 0.9.9

  • Notes:
    I still need more feedback for the future now playing screens. Please use the forum to express your needs.

  • Added:
    Media provider can now be configured to exclude libraries from sync.
    You can now select the media provider libraries for automatic offline cache.
    Added drag and drop for action for playlists list.
    Added shuffle as drag and drop action (And to most action menu).
    Added automatic offline mode for Artist/Genre and playlists.
    Add support for offline cache download quality to reduce used storage. (If media provider support transcoding)
    Add configurable transcode rate when on cellular connection. (If media provider support transcoding)
    Add an header in settings to show trial end date.
    Added resume to song action menu.

  • Fixed:
    Offline files sometimes not in sync after a full provider sync. (Really this time)
    Do not use resume points when navigating inside playlists.
    Another Jellyfin round of workarounds.
    Fix more https issues when using accounts.