Version 0.9.8 released

Version 0.9.8

  • Notes:
    I still need more feedback for the future now playing screens. Please use the forum to express your needs.

  • Added:
    Configurable headset button action for 1, 2 or 3 clicks. Contact me if there’s missing options.
    Import all button for playlists.
    Support for repeat mode / shuffle in Android Auto.
    Option to add playing song to a playlist.
    Option to save playing queue as a playlist.
    Sort by song count.

  • Changed:
    Album and artist lines in now playing are now clickable.
    Many small design tweaks.

  • Fixed:
    Show now playing track number option properly applies everywhere.
    Show and explain why Plex smart playlists can’t be imported yet.
    Offline files sometimes not in sync after a full provider sync.
    Local device file mode on older Android versions.
    Possible crash with very large download list.
    Plex media provider issues with https in some cases.