Version 0.9.7 released

Version 0.9.7

  • Added:
    Add support for Subsonic and compatible servers as media provider. (Beta feature only tested with Navidrome, please report issues for other servers).
    Add new setting to show track number in now playing related data.
    Allow song offline cache / download from now playing screen.
    Try to add support for Jellyfin Books library type despite all the limitations. (No albums only single file audio book).
    Added resumable songs / albums rows to home. (Enable them in settings if wanted).
    Add rating sorts.

  • Changed:
    Refactored a little the settings to add a Playback sub screen.

  • Fixed:
    Properly apply the ascii sort setting to Display artist sort.
    Fix missing playlist access from Android Auto.
    Small optimisations to Emby/Jellyfin sync.