Version 0.9.14 released

Version 0.9.14

  • Notes:
    I still need more feedback for the future now playing screens. Please use the forum to express your needs.

  • Added:
    Added sort title as sort for Smart playlists.
    Enabled more operators for some smart filters + add disc count smart filter for albums.
    Support sub folders in Subsonic connection urls.
    Support for legacy auth mode for Subsonic providers.
    Added years node browsing.

  • Changed:
    Fixed an issue with auto switch between local and remote connection for Plex.
    !You need to remove your provider and add it again via the account for the missing value to be filled!
    Updated the default library view configuration. (More columns and more nodes by default, still fully configurable in the settings).

  • Fixed:
    Many tweaks and optimizations to post sync processes.
    Workaround for Plex refusing to play some media when it can’t properly analyse their bitrate.
    Performance improvement for personal mixes with very large libraries.