Version 0.9.12 released

Version 0.9.12

  • Notes:
    I still need more feedback for the future now playing screens. Please use the forum to express your needs.

  • Added:
    Smart filters are here, filter your data in any way you want.
    Personal mix buttons in more places when appropriate.
    Option to hide button row on top of the lists.
    Show now playing queue duration and end of playback time.
    New setting to show a queue next drop target.
    Remove resume point menu option.
    Added new configurable navigation nodes (Moods, Styles, Record label, Album tags, Artist tags (Tags = Collection in Plex world)
    Display more metadata in album and artist detail views.

  • Changed:
    Playlist content view is now aligned with the other details view like albums.
    More consistent icons and wording on a few places.

  • Fixed:
    Fix possible crash with personal mixes.
    Fix offline caching of the missing genre.
    Fix rare issue with invalid media at the end of a playlist retrying to play too many times.
    Fixed a few design issues.
    Fix possible wrong voice command handling when not precise enough.
    Hopefully workaround some last played date not kept on Emby/Jellyfin.
    Fix missing drag and drop support for playlist entries.
    Internal queries optimisations.