Using MusicBrainz Database or something else to Generate a temp track ratings for songs.

Feature description:

It would be nice to be able to toggle a setting that would enable using the MusicBrainz Database or someone else on sync to generate a temporary rating for songs that haven’t been rated by the user. If it can be located,

Or Mainly just show the top song/track per album kida how plex has the fire “:fire:” symbol next to hot songs that are in the album that people like.

Once the user rates the track it would over ride the database rating.

Problem solved:

There’s not per say a problem, would not be the end of the world if it’s not a thing xd.

Brought benefits:

One benefit is allowing the users to broden/experience new songs that they might not have listened to originally on there own.

Being able to see that other users have liked said song in an album, they might give it a try

Other application solutions:

I’m a plex user so this feature would be something they use. And others as well.

Plex uses AllMusic and MusicBrainz data to show the top tracks in an album or just top music for an artist.
They do this with a little fire symbol next to the track name

Additional description and context:

Being able to have some kind of indicator that this specific song is highly liked.

You would also then be able to have a top song category for an artist. Or even top 10 albums. That you have in your media

I uploaded an image of what I’m talking about witg the fire symbols

Screenshots / Mockup:



You might also be able to just read the fire :fire: traks directly from plex rather then using a database.

And just implement a indicator near the track name

could also read data from ListenBrainz, perhaps the top liked or top listened to tracks? could show you what’s hot right now and only consider recent listens (I think there might be an API endpoint for that? idk)

either way, I think this is a cool idea~