Using KODI playlist and retrive Now Playing

Feature description:

-Transfer full playlist to KODI and use KODI’s Now Playing information instead of the app’s own.

Problem solved:

-When I listen to music on a KODI client, only the currently playing song and the next song are transferred to KODI’s own playlist. If for any reason the phone loses WiFi connection, the playback stopping soon.
-If someone else in the family starts a music playback on KODI from their own phone, the in-progress playback and the associated playlist will not appear on the Symfonium app, so I cant skip tracks and add new items with my phone.

Brought benefits:

This would be convenient for anyone who doesn’t use the app primarily for personal music listening, but in a family or community.

Other application solutions:

The native KODI remote control apps do both of these things well. (Kore, Yatse, Music Pump’s Kodi Remote)
But these apps don’t even come close to the ease of use and high level of customisation and impeccable design that Symfonium offers.

Additional description and context:

My goal is to listen to music comfortably with the family in the living room with a HiFi amplifier. My music is on NAS, the player is a KODI on an Android TV box. My family using Android phones.
Symfonium would be the most convenient solution for control.


For the record I’m Yatse author I kinda know Kodi internals :wink:

And this is the worst thing in the universe just after UPnP, you can’t imagine the number of workarounds needed to make it looks like it works correctly. Symfonium is great because it’s a different paradigm that is not drown to the bottom by being Kodi first with all it’s limitations.

So sorry but won’t happen.

Hello, thank you for your reply, I understand!
I’ve seen a little bit of json-rpc hell, because I’m developing my own Arduino-based VFD status display and push-button playback control for KODI.
In that case, I might appear in the Yatse forum to ask for some music-friendly tweaks. :upside_down_face: -)