Using cellular data, but it shouldn't

Issue description:

  • Sym is using my cellular data (6 GB in the last few days - it’s happened last month as well), even though I the filter set to “downloaded music only” and the cellular bitrat set to 64 (why not have the option to turn it off completely?)

Screenshots (it only allows one upload, but I have three.

As the template says I need logs: [Wiki] How to gather logs and open an issue

The filter offline only change what is displayed as playable.

For the disable playback when on mobile, please open another feature request.

If this filter is enabled, then shouldn’t it only play offline files?

I just enabled logs, here it is. (1.2 KB)

Yes it only plays files that are cached, but depending on your configuration (or a bug) it could decide that the server version is better for the current need.

I need logs when you are playing things when on mobile to see what is going on :slight_smile:

ok, I don’t know why it’s not working then, but I will run it a few days and re-send the logs.

No need for a few days, just try now and provide logs it should be quick to see if all is streamed.

Reading a few days of logs is insanely hard for me.

I played a few songs and here’s the log. (1.3 KB)

Hum the logs is nearly empty.

Ok, I’ll try again tomorrow while I’m driving away from wifi.

Be sure to keep the debug mode enabled before starting :slight_smile:

Here is the log from today. A mix of wifi and cellular usage (while having the filter set to “cached only”).

38 MB in google drive:

There’s a full sync inside the logs it’s hard to read :slight_smile:
With some removal of cached songs and new ones.
With playback on Chromecast and other things.

228Mb of logs is not easy to parse.

When on mobile what do you play and how do you start it?

Ok, I understand about the logs. As for playing offline,

  1. I click on “Songs”.
  2. Then click the filter in the upper-right.
  3. Then at the bottom enable the slider “Available Offline”
  4. Then click the “Shuffle” icon near the top.

Logs only show 2 attempts to play shuffle songs via that button and in both case the available offline filter was not enabled.

Are you sure you did not miss clicked the only online provider option?

I do hit shufle when playing at home to Chromecast, but I defintely also click shullfle when out of the house and on mobile (after making sure the filter is set to “available offline”.

Not in that log.

You use that button:

  • 2022-10-20 13:32:08.154 At home to play on Chromecast.
  • 2022-10-20 18:36:25.898 At home to play on Chromecast.

There’s no other usage of the shuffle button on the song screen. (BTW you may want to try the mix button at the right for better result than shuffle).

I just got another notification from my cell provider that I’m now over 15GB of data, which is 9GB extra since I posted this thread. So, for now I won’t use it while without wifi. Thanks for researching the problem.

Well I just need logs when you reproduce the issue and can explain what you do that correspond to the logs.

There’s no magic in apps.