User ratings values in smart playlist and filters

Issue description:

I wanted to create a smart playlist based on star ratings. But the values weren’t working as I expected Through a bit of experimenting, it seems a 5-star rating is equal to a user rating value of 10.

Is there a good reason for this? Something to do with a provider which can do half-star ratings? To be clear, I can live with this! But it wasn’t obvious, and I was about to open a support post here before I worked it out.

Perhaps there could be a note somewhere, or maybe just use a range of 0-5? The filter interface seems to allow you to enter float values, after all.

Additional information:

  • My only provider is Subsonic (Navidrome)

Thank you for such an incredible app! It’s exactly what I wanted and I don’t think I’ll ever replace it.


Yes data is normalized to 10 to support all providers that support rating up to 10 or half stars.

There’s no real place to document that for the moment so I suppose your post will be the doc when people search :slight_smile:


I think this explains why my smart playlists aren’t working. For example if I set a user rating for a local mp3 of 3 starts in Symfonium and then create a smart play list for songs greater than 3 star it will display this song (which I would not expect). Effectively setting 3 stars effecting 6 stars… very confusing. Changing the smart play list to show greater than six stars will show Symfonium 4 and 5 star songs.

Because stars != Rating value.

Depending on providers ratings are 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 and half stars or not and even more obscure ways when you deal with tags that are 1 to 255…

The 3 dots in the filter shows all your ratings to easily see that it’s on a 10 base.

where are User Ratings stored? Is there something like an XML file somewhere that I can extract to use outside of Symfonium? thanks in advance.

They are in a database and not usable from outside.
What’s the need?

I’m trying to work out the best way to use Symfonium as my daily driver and manage my mp3s all stored on the phone. In past I did this with itunes on the Mac by assigning a song rating and then eventually anything with a low rating would get deleted. I understand your previous comments about not wanting to have the app delete files or change tag ratings. so i’m just trying to think about a work around. Symfonium is a great player especially for wireless speakers but I need a way to manage (delete) music I don’t want as I listen to it.

The option is something like DoubleTwist which does delete files and modify tags but lacks features like your dynamic playlists.

Thanks again for your quick replies… your support is amazing.

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Well at some point Symfonium will be able to export the smart playlists to m3u so maybe you’ll be able to work with that via scripts.

I have currently not looked at the tag editing app on Android, but if there’s a maintained one that allows deletion and support intent to edit from other apps, then I can also probably add support for that.

You just need to do the research :slight_smile:

actually I’ll look further into m3u. That might be the work around for now. Even if its just a manual play list I create that might work.

Will also look further at 3rd party tag editors but doubt there’s one with external support. Interesting idea.

Couple of other questions regarding user ratings with local mp3s:

  1. does the backup/restore function backup all user ratings? For example when upgrading to a new phone.

  2. are user ratings stored so that if the mp3 is moved to a different directory it will follow?


There’s no yet export to m3u just a plan for it :slight_smile:

For the moment the user ratings (for local device) are not yet in the backups, and no the ratings are tied to the filenames.

This is a complicated issue because of Android stupid handling of things with SAF and MediaStore. There’s different path and different ways to do things and there’s not always a way to mix and match things.

So if on a device the SDcard have a different mount name issues arrise.

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Thanks for this info! Got my user rtaings working in Smart Playlists now.

Hi !
First thanks a lot for this awesome app.

I hope you don’t mind if i up this topic precisely for the export playlist in .m3u feature requested here.

I would love to export my playlists to use it in a desktop subsonic client or import them in rekordbox to help me in my workflow when i prepare a dj mix.

Also, i frequently load a ton of music on my gonic server and i use the star rating system in symfonium to “one star” the tracks i don’t like. I have a “disliked” smart playlist which help me to retrieve these tracks. I’d like to dev a script which delete these tracks periodically and with the export feature in .m3u it could be possible.

I know that supporting this feature for all API seems to be really difficult, but i hope i can someday export some informations like the names, paths, checksums or something about theses tracks to easily delete them automatically by myself.

in any case thanks a lot again for all the work done since.