User ratings values in smart playlist and filters

Issue description:

I wanted to create a smart playlist based on star ratings. But the values weren’t working as I expected Through a bit of experimenting, it seems a 5-star rating is equal to a user rating value of 10.

Is there a good reason for this? Something to do with a provider which can do half-star ratings? To be clear, I can live with this! But it wasn’t obvious, and I was about to open a support post here before I worked it out.

Perhaps there could be a note somewhere, or maybe just use a range of 0-5? The filter interface seems to allow you to enter float values, after all.

Additional information:

  • My only provider is Subsonic (Navidrome)

Thank you for such an incredible app! It’s exactly what I wanted and I don’t think I’ll ever replace it.

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Yes data is normalized to 10 to support all providers that support rating up to 10 or half stars.

There’s no real place to document that for the moment so I suppose your post will be the doc when people search :slight_smile:

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