User is Not Able to Login to Plex During Initial Setup

Good Afternoon! I am trying to figure out an issue with a friend/user of my server.

I am able to use Symfonium myself (with my Plex server) without issue, but he is not able to login. He is able to enter his Plex username and password on the initial login screen, see my server and select it, and it autofills the IP/URL and port + Username + Password. He cannot progress though, as it tells him “Authentication Error. Wrong username or password,” even though he has verified that it is correct. I verified he is using the exact same URL and port as me (the server is behind a CDN), but no dice. I tested this step myself twice with my Plex account, and it did not give me issues.

As the template says I need logs to be able to see anything. If he see the server from the login then the account is correct. It can be some special settings on the shared access to required pin that Symfonium does not figure out from Plex result. But logs tells more.
Alternatively you can provide me an account created in the exact same way so I can reproduce.

Apologies, I didn’t realize I could grab logs from the login screen on the app. I’ll get him to do that.

In all cases you can have him add the local device first, then enable logs for the more complete solution to debug things.

Thank you for letting me know, I should have thought of that but wasn’t thinking unfortunately :smile: I have attached the logs here
debug.log (6.1 KB)

Logs does not shows much :frowning:

How is that account created on your server ? Can you invite [email protected] and share nothing so I can try to reproduce?

I guess that’s a no :stuck_out_tongue: