Use Symfonium with JRiver Media Center?

Feature description:

Hello! I love and use Synfonium every day. It’s the best app I’ve seen for audio on mobile phones to date! I searched the forum looking to see if anyone else has asked about using your app with Media Center and could not find anything.

Problem solved:

I’m considering switching my media server back to JRiver Media Center because most of the dockerized music servers lack in one area or another but would like to continue using Symfonium at that point.

Brought benefits:

It would give Synfonium one more music server that it supports. JRiver has Gizmo, but it is quite the limited remote media player for Android.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Here is a link to the app I’m referring to: Gizmo - JRiverWiki. If you are interested in looking into this, I would be glad to purchase a Media Center license for you. If you feel it would not be worth the time, I understand. Thank you for reading!

I would more ask what is missing in the other solutions?

As the initiator of OpenSubsonic I’m pretty sure what you find missing can be handled in that project, it’s better for the long term.

Since you asked, this is more my opinion but here it goes…

Clunky queue management
Cheesy, non-sleek web GUI interface
Splits multiple disc albums apart
Artist pictures and info not always pulled down
Shuffle always keeps first track in a playlist, never changes
Can’t directly click shuffle from playlist

Multiple scans to detect & import music correctly
Not the best playlist management

Horrible playlist management

Airsonic is outdated, I’m talking about more modern servers that support OpenSubsonic.

LMS have the most extensions for now GitHub - epoupon/lms: Lightweight Music Server. Access your self-hosted music using a web interface.

Navidrome GitHub - navidrome/navidrome: 🎧☁️ Modern Music Server and Streamer compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic
Gonic Commits · sentriz/gonic · GitHub

are catching up.

But none of those issue are really impacting Symfonium so your issues are more tied to the web interfaces. That’s another story.

Navidrome is ok but limited and Gonic is god awful looking. LMS seems promising but they don’t don’t have a docker image available through unRAID community apps and I don’t have enough docker experience to get one working myself.

While I appreciate the suggestions, if you have no interest in pursuing my original request, it’s fine. I thank you for your time.

This is too much work for a niche product yes.

But you should really take time to search for alternatives.