Upnp : unable to start playing title when casting to a Yamaha amp

Issue description:

Hi when i select my Yamaha amp as an upnp renderer i’m unable to start playing a song. upnp to my Sony TV is working and another software is working well with my Yamaha AMP


Upload description: ibis69

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

Opening etiher plex or navidrome library > selecting the yamaha UPNP as casting devices > start playing song > nothing happens, song is not readed

Media provider:

Plex or Navidrome



Some devices may have issues with gapless, disable the option in settings then try again.

Since the devices accept the play command a possible reason is that they do not recognize the https certs from Plex and you need to try by adding the plex server without plex.tv and via it’s LAN ip to confirm.

Hi, have tested both (internal IP:Port of plex server) and toggle both upnp options in APP without any luck.
Same issue with my subsonic/navidrome library btw, song is stopped after 2 seconds in all case without earing anything

And if you cast from a song present on the phone via Symfonium?

Just tested local library > upnp is working well on the yamaha amp

Well so it’s a problem in the webserver of Plex and / or navidrome or the certs or proxy.
But not much I can do for now you’ll need to investigate with those servers logs.

In the future I’ll add an option to proxy the data via the phone but not optimal as more battery.

Ok, I will try to investigate in my network and servers/docker stack to find the issue.