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I’m having a strange problem lately when I’m playing songs through UPnP to my AV Receiver. It randomly stops the playback at some point of the song. Sometimes if I click on play the song goes back on playing from where it stops, sometimes it goes back to the beginning. Lately all songs went back to the beginning.


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There’s no logs uploaded …

I’ve tried again. How about now?

I can’t attach logs here on the topic anymore?

No you can’t upload the logs here, they are a pain to cleanup and may cause privacy concerns.

Anyway from the logs there’s no issue on Symfonium side, seems the receiver have issues talking to Jellyfin.

You can try to enable proxy mode on the renderer in symfonium and provide new logs that will show if there’s network or Jellyfin issues.

problem persisted after enabling proxy mode. Uploaded the new logs.

Noticed that the playback goes for about 10-20 minutes then it stops.

There’s 2 days of logs, I’ll need a little more details about what stopped when.

It was today between 12:00 - 14:00. The last song that stopped was “Rage Against the Machine War Within A Breath”

Your stupid device kill the app as always and does not respect android …

14:46:39.202 P:Verbose T:Logger
Previous exit reason: 13/125 - AutoPowerKill [2024-04-12 14:46:37.923]

See https://dontkillmyapp.com/

And probably others.

Nasty MIUI hahahah

I did checked the “Battery Saver” manner and selected “No restrictions”. Now I added Symfonium to the Boost Speed locked apps.

Will give another play to test it.

Did some more tests and the problem persists. I changed some settings related to the app Killer and put the phone on Performance mode.

However, now I think that some other problem happened, looking at the logs this is what I found for the possible reason:

That one was 2 days earlier and due to you updating the app to the last version so normal.