UPnP Playback Stall/Halt at end of song

Issue description:

I’ve just recently set up navidrome with upmpdcli (GioF71’s container) and I’m using symphonium to play bit-perfect on my USB DAC. It’s incredible and I love it.

I’m struggling with transitions between tracks. It seems like when we get to the last 10-20 seconds of the track it either automatically advances or just stalls. I just did a little bit of testing and uploaded the log file under the user agdd. Seems as though the app only lets you upload log files to the forum if your username is a minimum of four characters (submit is unavailable otherwise).

Please let me know how to submit more context. I can share logs from navidrome and upmpdcli as well.


Upload description: I didn’t get prompted for a description but it said it uploaded the logs successfully

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Reproduction steps:

Open Symphonoum, play song, hit the “cast” icon, select my upnp endpoint. Let song play until last 10-20 seconds. Either it advances too soon or stalls.

I’ve attempted to enable/disable both UPnP Gapless Support and UPnP alternative flags.

Media provider:




You need to check upmpdcli logs in the provided logs, symfonium have just send the set current set next and play commands nothing else.

So the gapless fail seems on their side. @medoc

To make sure of the setup: you have one upmpdcli instance which is both running the media server to proxy for navidrome and the media renderer to play through mpd to the USB DAC ?

If the symfonium log only shows setAVTransportURI/setNextAVTransportURI, play, I would agree that it’s probably not the problem.

Please open an issue on the upmpdcli tracker: Issues · Jean-Francois Dockes / upmpdcli · GitLab

The first thing to look at would be the mpd log in /var/log/mpd