Upnp gapless playback not working correctly

debug-20221031_181222.zip (105,3 Ko)
Thank you for your great application

When the upnp gapless playback option is activated in the advanced settings, the music player does not behave correctly. To be more specific:

  1. the first track is played correctly
  2. the second track is also played and displayed correctly by the music player, but Symfonium acts as if the first track was played again (according to what is displayed by the application in now playing screen)
  3. instead of the third track, the second track is played again by the music player (or sometimes the first track)

Everything works fine when the gapless option is unchecked.

My configuration:
music server: jellyfin 10.8.6
Symfonium 1.11.0
Music player/amplifier: Cambridge audio Evo 75

Log attached


{NrTracks=2, MediaDuration=0:01:15, CurrentURI=https://kiniou.com:443/Audio/7fe94922c1e325448072c5cfed1b4593/stream.flac?static=true&dlnaheaders=true&api_key=REDACTED, CurrentURIMetaData=NOT_IMPLEMENTED, NextURI=https://kiniou.com:443/Audio/25e5bb37bb5c66ad2cff124f04ba0ab6/stream.flac?static=true&dlnaheaders=true&api_key=REDACTED, NextURIMetaData=NOT_IMPLEMENTED, PlayMedium=NETWORK, RecordMedium=NOT_IMPLEMENTED, WriteStatus=NOT_IMPLEMENTED}

Your device does not support attached metadata. Those are necessary to identify the media as just the URI is not enough as soon as you start to use repeat / repeat one.

And most of the other hacks I tried will cause issues on other devices. I don’t really have a solution for this case.
Is there other apps that proper support gapless on this device and support repeat 1 and everything?

It seems to work with BubbeUPNP. I have tried to take traces for gapless playback between 2 tracks (see attached file), hope it helps.
log.txt (38,8 Ko)

In that case bubble act as a proxy and you are not in repeat mode (or queuing the same song multiple times) so it’s easier.

But maybe it’s a sign I should start to add some device specific hacks.

Do you really need gapless on UPnP ? :slight_smile:

This is not a top priority but a nice to have feature. Even if I’m not fan of classical music where it is much more frequent, it’s a pity to have a short sound interruption for some albums and live recordings on a high end system. I am not interested by the repeat x feature.

My music player brings Chromecast audio too, but it does not better in this area and if I’ve seen that the feature has been requested to Google for years unsuccessfully. So, UPnP is my only window of hope.

I have also tested the “official” Jellyfin android client application and gapless is well managed towards my music player, so it seems to become a standard.

But whatever your decision, Symfonium remains my preferred application and thank you for your hard work :+1:

The android app does not actually cast it’s the server so it does not work when out of home.

And from a quick look at the code there’s a few cases where it will fail according to users reports on Symfonium + does not seems to properly support repeat one or playing the same track twice then changing mode.

But anyway the main issue with UPnP shitty protocol and each manufacturer doing everything differently is that I can’t test so each workaround takes tons of time and cooperation from the users too. Most of the time after starting working on a specific case, the user give up on tests and giving logs and it’s tons of time lost for nothing.

Thank you for your answer

If requested, I’m of course ready to support you with testing and I’ll try to not give up too rapidly. :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile: Next version is already wayyyy too big to also introduce this. But I’ll ping you later to do some tests.

Ok so ping @Kiniou are still here and motivated for a round of test this week? :slight_smile:

Yes, available this week and still motivated!

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